Vera de Estenas ultiel-Requena Bobal, delicious, humble and super easy to drink


Established in 1945, Vera de Estenas is one of the most traditional producers with some of the oldest vine holdings in the region. Their mission is to preserve the production of wines from the local Bobal grape utilizing organic farming and traditional winemaking methods.


Bobal is a grape that has been historically used in anonymous blends of bulk wine. But in recent history, a small group of quality-minded producers have revitalized fine wine production from this oft-misunderstood grape. The grapes for the Vera de Estenas are harvested by hand, and the wine is fermented in concrete tanks with native yeast, and raised half in concrete and half in used American oak barrels for 6-8 months. It is medium bodied, ripe, with bright acidity and shows notes of damson plums, spice, and earth