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Valli Unite Rosato

Valli Unite Rosato

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Autumn Flow

Valli Unite This is a farmers every day Rosé made from a blend of Barbera, Dolcetto, Croatina and a splash of Cortese. Made all in steel, lightly filtered and bottled with minimal sulfur. Perfectly midweight with notes of crushed cherry and rhubarb with a zippy finish.

“Valli Unite, in the Tortona Hills of southeast Piemonte, may be Italy’s only natural wine cooperative. Vineyards lie amid beehives, grain fields, orchards, woodlands with truffles, and livestock herds. 30 members work on the 100-hectare farm

and call it home, making everything from honey to salumi and wine in

between. "We believe natural vinification is a social responsibility" is the philosophy; soil humus, livestock manure, native yeasts, local grapes, time, and parsimonious sulphur compose the winning formula. It’s a visit unlike any other winery - or working farm - that we’ve been to.”

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