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Pigar Ancestral Chardonnay, This label had me like, and it tastes fantastic!

Pigar Ancestral Chardonnay, This label had me like, and it tastes fantastic!

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Autumn Flow

100% chardonnay

If you are looking for low-intervention natural wines in Spain,they will take you to many different areas. Catalunya, Andalucia, and Castilla y Leon are a few regions to find such wines. One region that usually does not stand out is Valencia. Valencia is Spain’s biggest port, its third largest city, and lends its name to the autonomous region. This  is bulk wine country. The region for cheap, manipulated reds and whites. It is dominated by five large producers that take up most of the harvest each year. However, there are a few small wineries working their own vineyards and making wine the natural way. One such winery is Bodegas Y Viñedos Pigar in the subregion of Utiel-Requena. 

Juan Piqueras y Susana López, Valencia, Utiel Requena

The Chardonnay plot is located in Campo Arcis and is called Casa Alarcon. The pruning is long and double Guyot arcquée, adapted to the vigorous Chardonnay grape. Each vine produces about three kilos of grapes.

The harvest: the grapes were harvested manually.

The winemaking: natural sparkling wine, an ancestral method which consists of completing the fermentation in the bottle. Direct pressing. Five months of bottle ageing on lees and disgorging by hand. No additives or sulphites, no filtering or clarification. 1000 bottles produced.

The sommelier's notes: better than a Champagne!

The label artwork: In addition to working in the vineyard, Susana finds time to paint and create the labels of the wines, so much so that her neighbour, Veronica Romero, has asked her to design all her labels. There is the same balance in her work as in the Pigar wines, and a lot of love too. 

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