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Margins Clarksburg Chenin Blanc - Bright and Vivacious

Margins Clarksburg Chenin Blanc - Bright and Vivacious

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Autumn Flow

So pleased to have Megan's wines back in stock.

A bright and vivacious white, with lemony orchard fruits and persistent acidity - elegant and refreshing. 


'In many ways this Chenin Blanc serves as Megan’s manifesto, an expression of both her honesty and impressive work ethic. Winemakers tend to gloss over certain messy realities. For Megan, these realities are foundational and her willingness to share them openly make her wines ring with a clarity of purpose. This Chenin Blanc is the result of a collaboration with fourth-generation vineyard manager David Ogilvie, who agreed to sell her fruit as a recent UC Davis graduate. The arrangement was win-win, providing Megan the foothold she’d needed to launch Margins and David a partner with whom to convert his vineyard to organic. Megan  presses whole clusters into a stainless steel tank for fermentation, and then ages the wine in neutral oak barrels. Native fermentation, no fining, filtration, or other modifications or additions except 20 ppm of sulfur dioxide the week before bottling.'

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