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Le Piguer Fou Saint Nicolas de Bourguiel, earth, funk and black raspberry

Le Piguer Fou Saint Nicolas de Bourguiel, earth, funk and black raspberry

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100% Cabernet Franc from vines that are planted on the best terroirs of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil.

From Ned at Devenish-

Pigeur Fou is a wine that comes from a single vineyard in the heart of the appellation with lots of gravel in the soil. The grapes are hand harvested and then the whole clusters go into big old wooden Foudre. The wine ferments carbonically without oxygen (it's a barrel so a bit gets in) or pressing for 6 months. The name is a joke (have you read Asterix and Obelix? the French love silly word play!). Pigeur means the pigeage or punch down where you break up the cap of skins on a wine in normal aerobic fermentation. Because this is carbonic you never do that. So they named it the crazy punch down... since they never actually punch it down. This is unfiltered, unfined, and zero sulfur.

Aroma: really fresh juicy black raspberry, some cherry, violets; it's brambly and fresh. It smells a little bit appley... a tiny bit of fresh blueberry. It's a really fresh and pretty and exciting to smell wine.

Taste: juicy fresh black raspberry but it's so pretty and elegant and even delicate! The fruit is lip smacking but it's so pretty. It gets a little bit richer over the course of the palate. More blackberry and black cherry on the mid palate and there are some tannins that come in on the finish but they're very gentle. Impressively gentle! There's just this tiny touch of black pepper in the mid palate that's so refined. I'm so imp

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