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Lamoresca Nerocapitano Frappato, a delicious rendition, light chill

Lamoresca Nerocapitano Frappato, a delicious rendition, light chill

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Lamoresca's Nerocapitano, a red wine from Sicily, is an excellent introduction to Frappato wines. Apparently "Nerocapitano" is what Frappato is called in the area.

This wine was tight and all wound up when it was initially opened. My initial impression was that this was a food wine more than a wine to pound on the back porch; the acidity is pronounced. There are also fairly prominent tannins here that give up only reluctantly with air. This is far from a huge wine but it is certainly bigger than many made from the varietal.

But when the fruit comes through there is a bright cherry and raspberry there. There is a little funk, a little earthiness here but it won't be off-putting even to more timid wine drinkers. A bit of air--not too much--helps this wine calm down with regards to tannins and the slight funk. It smooths out nicely with air.

You will often see Frappato in blends with Nero D'Avola or other Sicilian grapes. You may even read that its greatest applications are in blends. There are truly lovely blends made from Frappato but there are likewise worthy varietal wines.

This is one of them. - Peter Ogle

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