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Juama Like Raindrops Grenache, Juicy, spicy, roses. Yum.

Juama Like Raindrops Grenache, Juicy, spicy, roses. Yum.

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Summer Sale!

Another Juama! So excited.  This wine goes and goes. Medium bodied with plenty of fruit and life.

A funky fruit bomb from the Jauma team. Wild, smoky berries lead the way, with a spiced nose, mild tannins and a long finish. It's very perfumed and a tiny bit effervescent, lifting the rich, earthier notes. It fills out with some air, so give it a bit of breathing room. No additives apart from a tiny addition of sulphur at bottling, so a great option for those looking for very low intervention practices.

Jauma was founded by James Erskine in 2010, after he had already made a sizeable name for himself in the hospitality sector of the wine industry. He and his two partners make wines without additives or pesticides, using gravity instead of pumps and their palates instead of technical instruments. This approach makes their range a nuanced, joyful reflection of MacLaren Vale where they're grown.


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