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Georges Descombes Morgon,Balanced, fun and lively Gamay

Georges Descombes Morgon,Balanced, fun and lively Gamay

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It's a gorgeous wine that should be served slightly chilled with just about anything - enjoy over the next three to five years. David Lillie


From Ned at Devenish:

Aroma: this is one of those gorgeous aromas that combines arrestingly vivid fresh fruit with the smell of fresh flowers. It's a good reminder why people fall in love with Beaujolais. Brambly vivid fresh blackberry along with a strong lilac aroma. It's also just a little bit peppery and spicy smelling; the smell of grape vines and the stems of grape clusters.
Taste: oooooh!  Lovely dense, dark,  fresh fruit.  Vivid dark raspberry fruit with acidity that gives it energy and poise, then that supple fruit is joined by a bit of salt on the mid palate before just enough tannin to make this pass for "serious" wine.  The finish has some shades that verge on deep red blood orange, but also darker brambly lingering flavors.  


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