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Gañeta Txakolina Rosé- light, spritzy, electric Spanish rosato

Gañeta Txakolina Rosé- light, spritzy, electric Spanish rosato

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Autumn Flow

Approximately 20 minutes west of San Sebastian, nestled into the rolling green hills of Gipuzkoa, dramatically overlooking the Atlantic coast of northern Spain, you’ll find Gañeta, nestled in one of Spain's smallest D.O.'s, Getariako Txakolina. Since the late 1980’s, Julian Ostolaza and Itziar have tended to 17 ha of Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza that hang on pergolas along the Getarian coast of País Vasco. They are about as local as you can imagine, and embody the essence of this special region. They sustainably farm and produce the classic style of Txakolinas of the Getariako region – slightly effervescent, briny, incredibly dry and lively. The wines are produced in stainless steel, with nothing added except SO2. Julian hopes that the simplicity of production will allow the complexity of the nature that defines the terroir to shine in the wines.

The Gañeta rosato is made from 100% Hondaribbi Beltza from 50 year-old dry farmed vines that overlook the Atlantic Ocean on soils of sand, chalk and clay. All grapes are destemmed directly into the press — the juice does not macerate on the skins. The unsulfured juice is fermented with native yeasts in inox at low temperatures to retain as much natural CO2 as possible. The wine is bottled just after filtration, and no additional CO2 was added in the process. The result is a lights spritzy, tense and electric rosato perfect for sipping on a hot afternoon 

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