Furlani Joannizza - refreshing, crisp, zippy, engaging, a favorite


Winemaking: From Selection Naturel, Furlani’s US importer: “Joannita is a very rare grape variety that was bred in 1968 by Johannes Zimmerman at the wine growing institute in Freiburg, Germany. It is a cross between Riesling, Seyve-Villard, Rulander and Gutedel that has proven to be fungus and disease resistant in cold, wet climates such as the high Alps. It can be found rarely, in tiny pockets of Switzerland and Germany. Matteo Furlani planted a small 1 hectare parcel of the variety 4 years ago, this is the first harvest and subsequent wine made from it.” One week seed and skin contact during first fermentation, followed by refermentation in the bottle [ancestral method or pét-nat] with conserved grape must.

Tasting Notes: Pale yellow-green in colour, with aromas of lemon, ginger, wildflowers, hay and Brothers Johnson funk. A fusion of lemon curd, pear, herbs, orange blossom, chalky minerality and a trace of graham cracker wrapped in tight fizz and fresh acidity. Lemon zest, ginger and eucalyptus compliment the bitter, crisp finish. Refreshing, crisp, zippy & engaging.

100% Joannita