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Dakishvii Family Selection Kisi Pet Nat - Republic of Georgia on my mind

Dakishvii Family Selection Kisi Pet Nat - Republic of Georgia on my mind

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8,000 years - that's how long the people in the republic of Georgia have been making wine.  Considered the oldest wine producing region in the world, Georgia is currently one of the hottest areas for authentic, natural style wines at affordable prices.  Boasting more than 500 varieties of indigenous grapes, the majority of wines are produced in the ancient method of using Qvevri, large clay vessels, buried underground for temperature stabilization. The production style of the wines has changed little throughout its 8,000 year history – whole cluster fermentation is the norm, native yeast are almost always used and little to no sulfites are added to the wines.

This highly sparkling wine expresses a rich aroma of pears, citrus and tropical fruits. With a pleasant yeast aftertaste on the palate.

The oldest known production of sparkling wine dates back to 1531 in France. The wine produced using this ancient method is called Pétillant Naturel Pét-Nat. In Georgia, the wine produced by this method is called "Machari". Made from the Kisi grape variety, this Pet Nat was obtained by bottling and packaging unfermented wine to complete bottle fermentation.

Unlike the traditional "champagne method", the wine is not decanted or disgorged. The wine has a cloudy appearance due to sediment deposits and contains natural residues.

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