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Brand Wilder Satz- Absolutely delicious and a lot of fun

Brand Wilder Satz- Absolutely delicious and a lot of fun

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Fresh and youthful with herby notes and juicy, pithy, grapefruit.  Like lying in a field of daisies!


The wine is not filtered, wild yeast fermentation was done and has no added sulfites.

Massive blend of  Pinot Blanc, Müller Thurgau, Riesling, Chardonnay, Scheurebe, Kerner, Pinot Gris,Silvaner Pfalz, Germany


From the winemaker, the Brand Brothers:

"We don't really like tannin in our wines, so even though there's varying macerations; we press super gently and hopefully all you have is great aromatics and super super juicy acidity.

Wilder Satz will always be a wild blend of many things because it needs to fit our ideal picture of the wine at the end. We sit down in spring, and taste all the wines in the cellar. That's our first taste of the new vintage: because we harvest, vinify all the grapes, and then completely leave them alone until spring.
So we'll taste, and then leave everything on the table for a couple of days, or weeks, see what's stable, what's tasting amazing and then we'll start to think about how we can fit it together. Then we'll do the blend and wait to see if that's stable for another week on the table, maybe a couple of tweaks, and then we'll blend and bottle!
This is how we do it. I love it this way because the tasting for Wilder Satz is our first impression of how the harvest has been, and the wine will often be most people's first taste of the new vintage."


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