Arbois -Pupillin Jura Chardonnay Fonteneille, truly a special wine

Arbois -Pupillin Jura Chardonnay Fonteneille, truly a special wine


Jura wine is wine that comes from the Jura department in France. The department takes its

name from the Jura mountains which are a sub alpine range of mountains just to the north of the Western Alps. The Jura mountains form the border between Switzerland and France.

The name Jura comes from the Celtic word for forest: Jor which means forest. This was a Celtic region and many of the local place names have Celtic roots. The wine region is in the foot hills of the mountains and the elevation ranges from about 820-1300 feet above sea level. The soil lower down is clay based but there’s more limestone and marlstone as you go higher up. The climate is continental and similar to Burgundy, but more extreme and specifically more aggressively cold particularly in winter. The terrain is generally steep and rugged and difficult to farm.

Chardonnay has been planted here for centuries and is the most planted grape in Jura