Begin Where You Are
Essentrics in the graden.jpg

Live Expansive Movement Classes, via Zoom

Joy, Alignment, Celebration, Ease, Strength, Fluidity, Grace, Connection

These are some words you will often hear in my classes.

I believe that our bodies are a continuous living force, interconnected by soft edges to all that surrounds us. 

The more we engage in full body movement, the more alive we become.

I am a fully certified Essentrics instructor,

a student of  both the Laban/Bartenieff Institute and

Somatics Movement Center and  I've become an anatomy/kinesiology nerd.

My workouts are an intuitive chain of dynamic movement sequences to

 lengthen, strengthen and unlock your entire body

They are inclusive for any body, any age, any fitness level.

You move at your pace, your level of endurance and in your range of motion. 

I offer 60 minute length and tone workouts set to music

and 45 minute somatic sessions without music


I'm excited to share this form of self care and wellness with as many as possible. 

I invite you to begin with me, exactly where you are

Please feel invited to reach out for a consult and/or a free exploratory class